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Sorry to disappear like that! Not that many people will actually have noticed but for those of you who have, I totally blame computers for my lack of resent posts! However, I have been doing some more painting. It was great to pick up a paint brush instead of turning on the computer for the last few mornings. The awful truth is that I loath computers but have become reliant on them, and now when faced with a simple pen and pad, I cant even write a sentence! I start to doodle and before I know it, I am dreaming, drifting off into another world. How many scruffy little bits of paper float around our house, where I started writing but became tired or distracted and my spidery hand writing was simply not a pleasure to form any longer. I do like writing words on my painting and drawings, but there are few words, so this I can do!
This morning I also started to work into a piece that our children had a go at yesterday: there were little footprints, spilt paint, crayon drawing, so I decided to let the marks that were on the paper inspire what would come next; juxtaposing the unconscious playful marks with more considered marks and some text. This sort of child parent collaboration can be done either with both adult and child drawing at the same time, or what I did this time was waited till the water based paint was dry, so I could draw over it. I was able to quietly work on my own, doing some more delicate drawing. I love this aspect of serendipity in the work. It is also freeing to stop and work in a different way to normal. I also let our children continue to draw on top of the drawing that I had done, as a little act of non-attachment!

Written by Marianne Slevin

19 October, 2008 at 1:43 pm

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