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Artists Statement – Marianne Slevin

Marianne SlevinThrough my art practice I explore aspects of nature that I find to be extraordinary, (both our own inner nature and that which we see as external nature.) These wonderings have lead me towards Eastern philosophy, Shamanism and to research Scientific theories, and notably to the places where they join. My art practice is an ongoing search for some kind of truth and understanding of the universe we live in.

The art I make echos nature, sometimes I even collaborate with the elements, such as in wind records and rain records. I am drawn to materials that have qualities I associate with nature such as variation, complexity and wiggles. I apply them in ways where I have less control over their visual outcome. This is pretty much the opposite of our modern consumerist society; flawless and airbrushed. I aim to marry or unite the visual surface of the artwork with the content. Though this may be in a poetic way, I do not wish to confine my art to mere sense and logic. However, over time it may become evident and far more meaningful and potent than I would have consciously designed or planned. Much of my work could be described as the art of controlled accidents. Over the years I am learning to think more spontaneously as I work, so I can be in the moment as I make the the art.

I am examining the concept of ‘clever nature’. Challenging the self-held notion of mankind that it is the only ‘clever’ organism on the planet, with a possible distant second being other large brained mammals, by putting forward a body of work that explores aspects of nature that show signs of ‘cleverness’. I have made art work about such aspects of nature, from the earth healing properties of mycelium, amazing yet brainless jellyfish, the co-evolution of the Madagascan moth and orchid, the yearly salmon run and flight formations.

I am also intrigued by our own nature. When I paint or draw I go into a meditative state and allow the thinking rational part of me to become quiet, so I can discover more about the less conscious parts of myself. I aim to make art that reflects my own search for truth and along that journey find hope and freedom and a fresh way of seeing the world in all it’s perfect imperfection.

Written by Marianne Slevin

2 December, 2010 at 12:00 am

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