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Rising tide lines

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Yesterday, we drove through such a deep flood, that the head lights of our Lada Niva filled with water, and made them look like goldfish bowls! Apparently about 70% of the earth is covered in water. Our own bodies are also about 70% water, I think. What happens when the ice melts with global warming? If the ratio of land to water changes on the earth, what will become of our own physical bodies? Are we not also part of nature? Shall we float or drown or perhaps go else where!

I just had a realization today that I have had a preoccupation with waterlogged fields, for years. Probably from before I ever heard of global-warming. I have done many paintings of unexpected objects under the sea; from beds to bulbs, trees and horses! I have done instillations of drowning/floating hand made objects too.

After an unexpectedly inspiring visit, to a certain  particularly miserable supermarket, sometime early in the early hours, an image of an instillation came in to my mind of a clean empty supermarket, in the open fridge section there was an arrangement of beautifully hand painted milk cartons. They were paintings of dripping sea and sky in what looked like oil paint, but considering they were painted in recycled milk cartons, they were painted with a lot of care and love. The cartons had plastic screw caps so they looked like they could still be full of milk, maybe they were! The flash of an image I had was a perfect antidote to the previous ‘real’ visit to the supermarket.

James suggested getting lots school children to paint one carton each, brilliant! so we are off the find the empty supermarket and ask allot of school children to paint their own interpretations of global-warming and the sea on a milk or fruit juice cartons. Getting children involved in this collaborative project would be great, I also love the idea of doing something to raise environmental awareness with art, both bringing our attention to how much stuff we are creating to simply be thrown away as well as the huge issue of global-warming!

Peace to all!  

Written by Marianne Slevin

11 October, 2008 at 8:44 pm

Ten things to get you to create!

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1) Create a space for yourself to create in, it has really helped me to have a constant space for me to leave everything out so I can just start again whenever I feel like it. Setting up and tidying up just gets in the way!

2) If you have children, paint with them, I don’t do this all of the time that would be too exhausting! but sometimes it is great fun, the other day I gave our two children their first lesson in printmaking we did some mono prints, using the plastic lids from takeaway containers, using water soluble oil paint.

3) Carry a small sketch book with you everywhere you go, I don’t but wish I did!

4) Get your partner to force you to create a set amount of time every day, penalties for not creating should be severe! James did this for me by himself and it was the only thing that got me to do art again in a real way! It worked I made art every day even when it really was the last thing I felt like! Now I don’t do it everyday but I did for several months and made enough work to open our secret gallery, thank you James! It also got me back into thinking about art and thinking more creatively everyday. Sometimes it is too hard to do it on your own.

5) Make a piece of art for someone you care about.

6) Collaborate with  someone, it can be a relief to take the focus off you!

7) Try to make bad art!

8) Be childish and play and make yourself laugh while you create, you might not even notice you have made art!

9) Recycle something into art. The other day James suggested I turn my classic leather motorbike one piece suit into art, I had put it on for a joke and really hurt my back just picking up something like a sock! He thought I should not wear it anymore, as it had some negative energy. So I started painting words on it to hopefully transform it into something positive and healing, like Peace and strong Woman.

10) Think, have you ever regretted making art?! I can think of many things that are a waste of time but, being creative is always worth while!

Written by Marianne Slevin

4 October, 2008 at 11:20 am