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All lit up on the Solstice!

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“Solstice” indigo pigment, blue marjoram, poppy on canvas 21st December 2008




This painting is still wet and my hands are blue! I was thinking about the winter Solstice and Newgrange in Co. Meath, and the light coming into the darkness; merging of the sky and the earth  and masculine and feminine, earthly and spiritual. I am really enjoying using the pigments I got in Marrakech, they feel so alive. I just mix them with water; so no smelly white spirits or turpentine! It feels more connected to my interventions and work in nature, I love all the so called accidents and unintentional marks it allows me to be very free while I work and tap into a more playful way of being!

Hope you all have a very Happy Winter Solstice

Peace to all

Written by Marianne Slevin

21 December, 2008 at 1:10 pm

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Cyberspace and my studio space met when Linux Ubuntu 8.10 was launched!

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A while ago,  light-years in computer time but just a little flash in my time. It was the same day that Linux launched Ubuntu 8.10, that I did this painting. What is strange is that I was working close to James my partner  but I could not see what he was doing in his technological side of the room. while I dabbled with the earthy pigments that my Friend had given me for my birthday. Thinking about Google Earth maps and how the horizon line had changed from our usual perspective, and how this my influence landscape painting, mine at least! This influence from technology I was aware of but I was not expecting to recreate my own version of the Ubuntu screen-saver wallpaper! When I showed James this piece he said “that is very Ubuntu” I had a look at the screen of his laptop and was amazed at the strong resemblance. It shows me how effected we are by what is around us even if we cant see it!

For me, I like to paint the impossible, the surprising and the unacknowledged! I paint what I feel but am not ready to understand yet. Maybe I just paint whatever is floating around in the air! It often sounds silly when articulated into words but why should that stop us! I see this piece like earthy planets, somehow the above and the below have mingled! This is a fascination of mine, I have been preoccupied with unity and harmony between opposites for as long as I have made art. You my see a million other things, which for me is what art is really good at; the viewer participates and nobody is right or wrong, it is a game to be played! 

Written by Marianne Slevin

17 November, 2008 at 9:45 pm