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Jellyfish, a Flying Fish and Coevolution, Moth and Orchid

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Written by Marianne Slevin

7 October, 2010 at 5:57 pm

Jellyfish Paintings

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“Jellyfish 1”, oil on canvas by Marianne Slevin 2010

“Jellyfish 1 and 2”, oil on canvas by Marianne Slevin, 2010

These are two paintings I am currently working on, whether they are finished or not, I am not sure yet. I started the dark one a few days ago and the light one only yesterday. I like the contrast; they are like opposites but of the same thing. These were inspired by watching a David Attenbrough  nature documentary, called “creatures of the deep”. I was blown away by the haunting images of the jellyfish. A billion years before there was life on the earth, life began in the sea. Jellyfish have no brains and no blood, I find them fascinating and really lovely to paint! As my painting is a lot about the process I am using the jellyfish as a starting point but allowing the paint and marks to have their own journey  too. Building up layers of transparent glazes and opaque flatter areas, so it becomes deeper and quite dreamlike.

Written by Marianne Slevin

5 October, 2010 at 6:39 pm

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