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A three day walk in the Burren, Co.Clare

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Goats beard or meadow sweet              orchid                       rust wheelbarrow for air                     hair bell                     clack of stones                wind shaped tree                   white

orchid                                        summer grass smell                                              herb Robert                                   thistle meadow                             milk wort                              butter wort 

bird foot trefoil                        dog daisy                        cuckoo spit                           bloody cranes bill                              rock hill                       corn crakes               meadow cutting            


                        sunlit valley                               blue at last                                  blue bell        low flying butterfly                   only foot print         memories            song bird

field of low lying rocks       

                                               portal tomb                 door way                          rock rose                              self heal                       pea-like flower                      speed well               swallows

dry river bed                    wind whistling through the valley                silver weed                    meadow brown butterfly                bramble faintly pink        blue butterfly winding down a path

nectar from fusia flower            scent of white clover              sun scorched dock leaves             winding stone walls                                                                   

                              scented air                                                                                                                                  white butterfly                    feet brushing the grass

Written by Marianne Slevin

14 September, 2008 at 8:20 pm

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