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After a long long absence, I have returned to my blog. Things have been moving along in there usual erratic way, slowly slowly then very very fast! On 26th May their was a launch of my recent work at The Kitchen at Galway City Museum. I gave a talk about  my practice to a very open-minded and gracious group of people who came to the first of the Galway Meets Art exhibitions and talks. There will be one every month curated by Julia Dunin, I look forward to more regular trips to Galway for these. The work is still up for another two weeks, if anyone is in the Galway area. The Kitchen is a lovely place to get something to eat too.

I showed 10 small framed generative paintings and drawings and one large piece. These included flood records, leaks, puddles and wind records, all of which were created this January and February as the wind and rain often entered our cottage. Using the simple materials of ink, water and paper, I am interested in making visible that which is invisible or fleeting and making connections between things that are all around us but often overlooked. Nature makes the initial marks and I make these mark visible or more defined, isolated as focal points. I like when the work is quirky and playful. I need to keep surprising myself with what I make.

The images below are wind records that I made 14 years ago underneath this very clothes line using folded and stitched bank statements to create vessels that dripped indigo pigment and oil onto the cotton sheets below. I just came across these images today and thought that I would post them as they relate to my resent work in Galway and the work I am making now in The Secret Gallery. Please forgive me if I have posted them before. I hope to have all my new images of work somewhere where I can access them soon, not just on my camera and phone!





Written by Marianne Slevin

4 June, 2014 at 10:10 pm

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