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Exhibition in the Blue Frog Ennistymon

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A5 Post card sized works for “Trasna” From the Mycelium Earth Regeneration Series

One of the above, Ink and pigment on a Map, from The Mycelium Earth Regeneration Series, 2010

So Far, 2011 has started off well with two exhibitions.  The first one has just come down, “Trasna” in The Courthouse Gallery, a small works exhibition which James and I both had some art work in. This show was curated by Maeve Collins and Marie Connole, it comprised of around 200 A5 size works, they all had a reserve price of 40 euros. I think this was a great idea; to have an exhibition of affordable art , and that every artist’s work was the same price to begin with. Pricing work can be a dilemma, if you charge too little you worry people will think less of it and if you charge more it may be too much for people to be able to give. I decided to increase my prices a bit when I realized I was undervaluing my work, and that even if I sold all my work I still couldn’t support myself!  As I haven’t increased my prices for about 15 years!

The next is an exhibition of my most resent oil on canvas paintings entitled “Amazing Nature”, it is on till the end of January. There are 9 paintings in total hanging on the ground floor, where there is a very charming cafe with an open fire, a children’s table and lots of board games for these rainy windy west of Ireland days. This Cafe and Art Venue is a great addition to Ennistymon.  Some of the paintings in the exhibition are on my new website which James did such a brilliant job designing  for me, thank you James!

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16 January, 2011 at 1:57 pm

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