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Drawn Together

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“Maroon marker finds little maroon marker lid”                     Marianne Slevin 2010

It is funny the things one notices when tidying up the house. Something that I notice quite often is that similar things seem to be draw together. Just after I started writing this a recovery man came to fix or tow away our car, our car is a Lada Niva from Russia, the man is from Moscow and owns lots of Lada Nivas! He even offered to buy it he loves Ladas! I am intrigued by these more obvious snippets of organisation that are happening secretly around us all the time. It is quite entertaining the way the universe works sometimes. Maroon marker finds little maroon marker lid.

A while ago, I noticed some delicate art that had been given to me by a friend, assembled itself onto of the envelope addressed to the same friend. How did it end up there. I would like to have filmed all of the staged and what happened on its journey to get there. Why does to same not apply to sock, I ask myself?! Does the universe have a slightly wicked sense of humor?!

Written by Marianne Slevin

8 February, 2010 at 12:33 pm

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