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Painting and “non sense” and nonsense like that!

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DSCF2724 Work in progress, after   Oil on canvas Marianne Potterton March 2009



Work in progress, before      oil on canvas              Marianne Potterton March 2009

Painting for me a wonderful way to explore the many nonsensical partially forms thoughts, and unrealised ideas grow a visual expression via the process of painting. Sometimes creating art can be disconcerting; what once felt like a breakthrough and something honest, true and maybe even beautiful can change into something embarrassingly awful in the blink of a eye! Yesterday this happened to be, it is almost like someone else comes into the studio and starts painting over your work, but more confusingly it is you!  If I were to go up to the studio I might prefer the new look paintings or I might cry and  wonder who I was yesterday! But thankfully because of James I am in our very own home imperial hotel enjoying the room service, surrounded by the smells of lovely lotions and potions for a day of pampering with not even a whiff of white spirits or turpentine within smelling distance! I have a day to enjoy and relax and it will the paintings some time to settle.

Written by Marianne Slevin

16 March, 2009 at 1:51 pm

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