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Words cant say everything!

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There is an old cliche that says a picture tells a thousand words, I think a picture tells uncountable wordlessables! We think if there is not a word for it it does not exist, our world is tough and course when only described in words even when an exceedingly great writer tells the tail! Visual art can be much more subtle, and all encompassing, I love words but I think we relay too heavily on them and forget they cant say everything. When art has to be translated back into words and judged on the words that can be spoken about it I sat boo! What about art that makes us speechless but amazed? Art that makes part of us twitch that has not twitched before and stirs up something inside of us?

When I make art I hope to tap into the mystery so saying what I am trying to do stops the spontaneity, I can sort of write about it afterwards but only certain aspects, some of it I know little about, like I know little about how I pump by own blood or grow my own hair, but I do! My work/play explores some of the aspects of human nature and non human nature and where they collide. Our consciousness can alienate us from our connection to the rest of nature, our instincts have been over ridden by logic.

Slowly as we sleep the part of us that does not fit into society is lost, the man who wandered with his donkey and cart has vanished and there is now a clean, official tarmac loading bay for licensed vehicles only and a C.T.V. camera where he once slept!   

Written by Marianne Slevin

7 February, 2009 at 4:30 pm

Posted in Thoughts on art

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