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I would say: If I could teach how to paint and draw.

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Put yourself into it as much as possible, not just your head, but your heart and your sensitivity. I find it’s often better to put less thoughts that can be limiting, instead to put more of the open stuff, that doesn’t usually make sense, at the time. For me, this can be interesting, like developing a photograph in the darkroom; it is always surprising to see what emerges and quite magical too! It is important to remember that a painting doesn’t have to be finished until it is finished! This sounds obvious! But I know myself that I start to make a painting and think that it should look great from the first mark I make! Yes, ridiculous! Sometimes the really ugly monster paintings can turn out to be real swans! (Sorry I could not resist! ) The way everyone paints is as different as we are from each other. What I aim for in my paintings is to connect to the deeper part of myself and hopefully to reach out to the deeper part of you. ( When I say `deeper´ I don’t mean serious` deeper´, I mean, touching, imaginative, and open `deeper´. Namaste!

Written by Marianne Slevin

8 August, 2008 at 7:30 am